We are updating Keyword Content!

I have been with my hosting company for this site since 1999.

I’m happy to say there has been almost zero downtime and no issues. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have stayed as a customer right?

Imagine my surprise when I go to post a cool bit of SEO information and I cannot log in. I wait an hour. Nope, still cannot log in.

So, I fill out a support request and find out my web host got brutally hacked. Hundreds of thousands of sites are deleted and the backups are destroyed. There is no way to recover anything.

Initially I was bummed out, I had years of good SEO information, content tips, keyword knowledge shared, and other good stuff on this site. But, you know it’s better to look forward. I started going backups and thought all of this is outdated. Why put up content just to have content?

SEO isn’t the same now, content isn’t the same. Technology has continued to get better at weeding out the woo and spun content. I want to make sure I am offering my clients the best researched and most current information out there for trends in keyword content based marketing.

With that in mind, I just decided to completely revamp the site. Update the offerings, put some types of writing to rest, and move forward fresh and new.

Wishing you much success,:)


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