Is Your Company Blog a Good Employee?

2965186113_f62fccae60Your blog should work for you. In fact, your blog should be one of your hardest working employees. It is there 24/7, repping your brand, and if you did it right – those keywords are bringing in traffic via organic searches, and most of all, your blog is informing and hopefully entertaining your visitors.

There are some good practices to follow on a company blog and it’s no small coincidence, they are the same for being a good human employee.


Here are some fast Do’s and Don’ts.

  • Do share information about your company, products, and services.
  • Do update with images of your team.
  • Do update your blog regularly. It’s like showing up to work.
  • Do offer a way for people to subscribe for updates.
  • Do ask for input from your visitors.
  • Do have a call to action on every post.
  • Don’t trash competitors in your blog.
  • Don’t stop posting regularly once you start.
  • Don’t be negative. It will drive people away faster than fast.
  • Don’t write posts that are just ads. No one really likes ads.

    Think of your blog as one of your best and most motivated employees. It is the first way many potential customers postwill get to know your brand. Let’s face it, more people will simply Google your company and they need to see you in your best light, and it’s important that there is no failure in the representation .

    In the same way you might tell a customer that is on the fence about making a purchase, the perks of using your product or service that will drive a sale, your blog can do that job times the potential to reach millions more people.Make sure the information is there waiting to be seen.Step back and take an honest look at your blog. If it’s just a place you post randomly and you have no calls to action, your blog isn’t being utilized to its full potential. Scale up your blogging efforts and you’ll see a difference in your traffic and sales.

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