Get Brand Cards

All the cool kids are using Brand Cards.

You should too.

Advertising on websites and social media should be handled differently. Brand Cards can bridge the gap for use on both websites and social media. They are friendly ways to give a snippet of knowledge about your brand.

No one really wants a blaring ad in their newsfeed. Your clients and potential clients are hungry for information. Keep it engaging and fun.

That’s the main idea behind our exclusive Brand Cards.

The number one thing that you need to establish with a potential client is trust.
Informing people and giving them knowledge about your product or service is the first step building a long-term relationship with your clients.

Brand cards are an attractive way to give a tidbit of information with a link to find out more.
It doesn’t look like you’re putting out tons of ads on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.
Because you’re not doing that.

No Brand Card is pre-made – these are made just for you.

Brand Cards work for ANY industry, no matter how specialized.

lightbulbThe idea is that you link to informational content, not just an order form.

If you use a Brand Card to tell an interesting fact about your widget, link to an informational page so someone interested can find out even more. Since people like to share information, your Brand Card may get shared with others in the circles of a potential client, thereby expanding your brand’s reach.


Promote your brand on social media through knowledge!

Here is what you get:

  • 5 or 20 custom-created Brand Cards
  • We match colors in your website
  • Branded with your company name
  • Clickable link included
  • You own the Brand Cards after purchase and may use as you wish
  • Average delivery time is 3 working days for set of 5 Brand Cards
  • Average delivery time is 5 working days for a set of 20 Brand Cards

How to Use Brand Cards

We want you to get all the mileage you can out of your marketing.
Here are some of the most common uses for Brand Cards:

Share on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
Use in print advertising
Use on Pinterest
Post on Instagram
Use in a blog post
Use in third-party articles

Don’t have time to post them yourself? We can handle your social media posting!

Starter Brand Cards Set of 5 - $30

You get a set of five custom-created Brand Cards.

Pro Set of 20 Ad Cards- $99

You will receive a set of 20 custom-created Brand Cards.

Order Brand Cards

One of our ninjas will be contacting you to find out if you have a specific set of things to promote or if you want us to just go for it or a combination. Either way, you get final approval on the text of your brand cards before they are created.