Social Media Management for Attorneys and Law Firms

Creating social media content for attorneys and law firms is something we specialize in. The task has be handled differently than other industry platforms. Used correctly, social media can be very beneficial for building a practice and establishing a brand online as a knowledge leader in your field.

You’re missing out connecting with potential clients if you’re not visible and posting regularly on :

You can’t write a single post and share it to all social platforms, that’s not being social. Each social media network has unique characteristics for sharing different types of information.
To do social media right, it takes time to craft regular posts that inform and entertain in equal parts. That’s where we come in.

Hand off your social media duties to us, we’ll make sure your firm is presented in the best light possible on social networks.

Social media accounts for lawyers have unique requirements.

Many attorneys defer from social media due to ethics.
Social media can seem at first glance, to be in direct opposition to the more formal communications associated with the legal field. This has been addressed in a few venues. It is very possible to be active on social media and maintain ethical standards.

First and foremost, The Social Media Ethics Guidelines of the Commercial and Federal Litigation Section of the New York State Bar Association is an easy-to-use and free guide for attorneys for using social media in relation to your practice.

The ethics of attorneys and evolving technology is covered in detail in numerous publications found in The ABA Center for Professional Responsibility.

Ethical concerns are always a priority, a good resource is The ABA/BNA Lawyers’ Manual on Professional Conduct .

Now that we’ve covered it’s not only okay be a lawyer on social media, it can be very beneficial as part of your marketing. Technically, almost any social media post can fall under the umbrella of advertising your law firm. With that in mind here are some of the types of posts we do most often for attorneys:

  • Types of cases your firm handles.
  • Links to relevant blog posts (if your firm has one).
  • Legal word of the day – challenge followers to use it in a sentence.
  • Current news, especially related to your practice area.
  • Developments in technology pertaining to the legal field.
  • Posts by influencers that fit the overall brand of the law firm.
  • Awards and media appearances for the firm.
  • Volunteer and charity work.
  • Posts acknowledging new additions to the firm or other recognition of colleagues.

What we don’t post:
– political themed posts
– religious posts
– hot button topics that divide.
– war stories of cases your firm has handled.

Our goal is to present your brand as the go-to for your area of law practice. We do this through equal parts entertaining and educational posts. Seeing good information presented regularly helps build trust in potential clients.

What is the posting schedule? 
There is no one-size-fits-all plan for posting. Your followers and their engagement will be unique to your account. We study the engagement weekly and adjust posting to capture the most engagement for your posts.

Consistent, Relevant Posting is the Key

We offer month to month posting packages to keep your brand at the forefront of current and potential client’s eyes.

We also review your posting stats weekly to see what is working for your engagement and what isn’t so adjustments can be made.

Every account is unique and there is no single posting type or schedule for all brands.

Just pick the social media venues you want to promote your brand on,
and our team will get to work for you!

We will post your brand on Twitter 7 days a week.
We post to incorporate trends and relevant hashtags to keep awareness of your brand at peak performance.
Custom Facebook posts 7 days a week.
Posts to highlight your awareness of your brand, along with curated content to inform and entertain.
Custom Instagram posts 7 days a week.
Unique posting schedule designed around your brand’s online engagement.
We will create Pinterest boards to highlight your brand, products and services.
Average is 10-20 pins per day.

Law Firm Social Media Mgmt

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