Social Media Management


Did this happen to you?

You put your company on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.  Then someone told you that Linkedin and Instagram were the places you needed to be.

At first, you did daily postings, put the links on your company website, maybe even upgraded your business cards with those social media links. Then reality kicked in, and you found that you had less and less time to post.You needed to devote more time to your business. That meant less time for social media promotion. Days went by, weeks turned into months, and your social media presence looks pretty dull and out of step with the present.

When potential customers look up your company, they see a dusty page that hasn’t been updated in months. People may move on to a competitor that is advertising a special, tips, or holiday sale on their social media. Posting regularly builds trust! 

The solution: outsource your social media management.

We will handle your social media posting for you and keep it personal about your company.

This isn’t handing control of your social media presence over to anyone. 

You retain control over your web presence and will be assigned one of our staff members to work directly with you. We will draft a personalized posting schedule with content recommendations and we don’t start until you approve it.

Promote upcoming sales, events, engage your visitors and increase your brand awareness.

Here’s how vital having a strong social presence on Facebook alone is for your brand:

Now consider the power you can leverage with a strong brand presence on Twitter and other social networks.

We can help you!

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Each of the following plans will give you at least
7 posts per day Monday through Friday.
That’s a strong social presence of over 140 posts monthly!
Just pick the plan that is right for your brand and budget.

Twitter Only $150

Facebook Only $150

Pick 3 Price: $350

Pick 5 $550

Packages to suit your budget!

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